Transforming Lives By Renewing Minds – Romans 12:2

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Our hope and prayer at Hope for LaGanove is to see God’s Word transform the lives of the Haitian people. Yet, one of the biggest challenges in reaching Haitans with the life giving message of the gospel is the high rate of illiteracy.

Did you know?

  • Haiti’s literacy rate sits at just 61%-64% (CIA Factbook, Nov 2015); compared to a 92% average literacy rate for Latin American and Caribbean countries (World Bank, 2015),
  • 50% of Haitian children do not attend school (World Bank 2013); but for those fortunate primary school students who do, 60% will drop out before the sixth grade (UNICEF 2008).

We need your help! Won’t you partner with us in planting and resourcing schools in the impoverished rural areas of Haiti? Together and through God’s grace, we hope to see a generation of literate Haitian church leaders carrying on the work of Christ’s church.

Our Mission:

To provide solid, Biblical education for the purpose of producing Biblically solid Christians.

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Christian Education

HFL launched our first school in 2007 and now have three elementary schools in the villages of Bwa Pin, LaPye, and Gran Lagon as well as a High School in the village of Nan Cafe. Current total enrollment is over 500 students taught by our teaching staff of 68 local Haitian teachers.

Child Sponsorship Programs

Child Sponsorship is a key ingredient to our ministry. It helps provide funding needed to pay each of our 53 teachers, as well as funds to provide 3 meals per week for each of our students. Our sponsors receive regular updates and many choose to make a visit to the island to meet the student sponsored. Please email our sponsorship office if this is an area of interest at [email protected].

sponsorship programs

What’s New

Want to keep up with the latest news and ministry opportunities available with Hope For La Gonave? Contact us or visit our Facebook page and read about our most recent program updates and needs.


We appreciate your support which allows us to continue providing education in these most remote areas of Haiti. With your help we will continue to provide jobs, nutritional programs, and medical and dental support that is currently provided for children within our schools. You may choose to designate your giving to sponsor a child, or to our general ministry fund.

About Hope For La Gonave

This ministry exists today as a result of the life, death, and legacy of missionary Matt Baugh. Matt was killed on May 4th 2006 as a result of injuries sustained after his motorcycled collided with a truck. At 37 years old, Matt died in the arms of his wife Shannon while in route to the hospital. Prior to his death, Matt voiced his burden for the youth of La Gonave, particularly in the most remote areas who had little to no opportunity for a solid education.

Our Vision:

Preparing the youth of Lagonave to become responsible, contributing citizens and leaders who are guided by the truth of God.

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