Hope for La Gonave began as a seed divinely planted in our hearts and minds in the midst of our grief.  How gloriously awesome it has been to watch God expand our vision and miraculously provide each step of the way.  As one school became four schools we were delighted and thankful, but with this expansion came new needs as well.  All we could do was pray for the Lord’s provision for this work of His.   One of the immediate Haiti Pics 2009 103_1needs was textbooks for the students.  We were stunned at the cost and knew that there simply were no funds for the project, and still we prayed.

One evening a good friend from Virginia called me to “catch up”.  She inquired about Haiti and the work on La Gonave.  I brought her up to speed on the project and mentioned that we were working on funding the textbooks.  Our conversation continued about many other things before we said goodbye.

Haiti Pics 2009 314After a week or so passed, I received an email from this same friend saying that she and her husband would like to provide the funds for the immediate need for textbooks.  How thankful we were and are at the generosity of God’s people toward these children.  It is simply incredible to watch His hand in it all.

In January 2009, as we visited each school, we observed the students utilizing their textbooks.  They handled them almost tenderly.  Their skills had improved.  They were studying math, Science, geometry.  In these classes sat the very children for whom Matt had prayed and we watch as the answer to that prayer continues to unfold before our very eyes.  All praise and glory to our Lord Christ!

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