The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; A good understanding have all those who do His commandments. His praise endures forever.”  Psalm 111:10

Twenty-three teachers from the four HFL Schools gathered in Anse-a-Galet for five day seminar focusing on continuing education and training.

In mid-August, the teachers from the four Hope For LaGonave Schools traveled from their remote villages to the city of Anse-a-Galet to attend a five day seminar provided by HFL to expand their skills in the classroom.

The Pre-School and Kindergarten teachers were able to share about the new curriculum they will be using this year for the very youngest children called “Mwen Kapab”  (I can).

Professor Julien Leones taught six hours each day on various subjects and aspects of teaching including goals, strategy, classroom discipline and lesson planning.  His 15 years teaching experience was evident and his enthusiasm and insight were very informative and refreshing.

In addition to the learning experience, the teachers had a chance to get better acquainted  and have much good fellowship in their days together.

Dumerle St. Jean, HFL’s Field Director, did a remarkable job coordinating every aspect of the event to achieve the greatest benefit for all.

It is very exciting and encouraging to see the growth in the quality of education being provided in our schools.  We determined from the beginning that we would use the teachers who were available in the communities.  That being said, we also purposed to give them the opportunity to increase and expand their knowledge and skills.  The investment in them is one that we believe will return great dividends in the lives of their students in the months and years to come.

Providence Christian School Partners with LaPye School

In January Richard Towns and Joan Kornblatt spoke at Providence Christian School in Savannah, GA after having made a trip to LaGonave in November of 2010.  The school wanted to find a “hands-on” ministry project in which the children could interact with a sponsored child from another country.  They spent the next few months raising money and gathering school supplies.  In a second presentation in May, the school choose to support Fredson Gay at the LaPye School.  When Joan returned to Haiti she was able to take the supplies to the school along with letters and drawings and small gifts for their child.

Partnering with one of the schools we serve on LaGonave is a wonderful way to expose children to the real needs of the rest of the world and allow them to begin growing missionary hearts at any age!

Christmas Cards that send more than a greeting

Send a Christmas greeting card this year that will help a needy child in the name of someone who is special to you.  These cards can be ordered now in denominations of $10,$30, or $50 providing a pair of shoes, food for a child,or purchase a goat for a needy family.  The message reads, “Merry Christmas…A goat has been given to a needy family in Haiti in your name.” (or shoes to a child, or food for a family,etc.)  Use the handy order form and return envelope enclosed to make this Christmas greeting one that gives all year.

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