Sponsor a Child in La Gonave, Haiti

HFL understands that the true hope for the children lies in the gospel of Christ.  A Christian education opens the mind and heart of a child to equip them to be useful and productive citizens. We seek to complement the work of the church with a desire to see that in this generation and those to come the people of La Gonave will step out of darkness into the “marvelous light” of knowledge and Truth.


$30 Per Month Provides:



HFL has established schools in four of the most remote villages on the island of LG. Children Pre-School through 6th grade receive a quality faith based education by qualified and caring teachers. We provide the most comprehensive curriculum and conduct teacher training each summer to enhance the skills of the Haitian instructors.


Nutritious, high protein meals are provided to every child attending school each and every day.

Medical and Dental Care

Each year a medical team and a dental team travel to the island to address health issues of the children and their families. Preventive medicines such as multi-vitamins and worm medications are administered regularly. A Haitian nurse serves the schools on a monthly basis.


One can have a close interactive relationship with a child by correspondence and gifts. Regular updates about their progress and well being will be provided. This link gives encouragement and hope to the child.

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