We had a very productive medical clinic trip to the island in March.  Many thanks to Tina Huddleston, our Medical Coordinator, who headed up this trip during her Spring Break from her job as a school nurse in Springdale, AR.

We were able to distribute a supply of vitamins and hygiene items to nearly 600 people as well as following up on a confirmed case of cholera in a young boy in one of our schools.   Thankfully the leaders in the school recognized the gravity of Stanley’s symptoms and alerted our Field Director.   Within hours the subsequent steps to have Stanley transported to the hospital in Anse-a-Galet (3 hours from his home village) were taken.  He spent several days in the hospital receiving treatment and recovering.  As you can see from the photograph of Stanley and Nurse Tina, he is now by God’s grace, doing well!

Kids w vitamin bags boy with infection

As thankful as we are for Stanley’s improvement, we are equally concerned with the health of many of the other children.  In one particular village, their lack of nutrition during this dry period of the year makes them very susceptible to many diseases.  After seeing their condition firsthand and receiving reports from leaders in this area, we are working on plans to increase our current meal program during this most difficult time.   Please pray with us as we endeavor to alleviate some of the suffering of these children by providing basic nutrition.  We ask clarity of vision and provision to carry out the plan the Lord has given us.


There was much excitement as we also were able to distribute goats provided by sponsor families to their children and their families.


We would not be able to carry out this ministry without those of you who support this work by your prayers and gifts.  Thank you and may the Lord continue to bless you and yours!

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