In late February a medical team of a doctor and two nurses and EMT set out for Haiti and the island of La Gonave with us to conduct clinics at each of the four schools. Our goal was to administer preventative care medications, vitamins and worm medicine, and to treat the children and their family members who might be ill.

Dr. Brian Kornblatt along with Danielle Gibson and Greg Harris from Grace Church of the Islands in Savannah, GA made up the Georgia contingent of the team. Tina Huddleston, RN from Springdale, AR served as team member as well as Coordinator for the group.

A total of 527 patients were treated for complaints ranging from ear infections, skin infections and fungus, hypertension and fevers.  While the the sick patients were being treated Tina along

with her helper Cladel dispensed the vitamin and worm meds along with packs containing Tylenol, Ben-Gay, eye drops, and fungus cream for treating their recurring problems.

It was with a great sense of fulfillment that we watched many who had suffered much return to their homes with hope of relief. Our prayers go with them that our Heavenly Father will open their minds and hearts to the greater healing provided in Jesus Christ.

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