May Update – Child Sponsorship Program Launch (Barbara) w/ Video

As we traveled to LaGonave in May our goal was to distribute vitamin and fortified rice packets to the school children as well as identify children who were the most needy as candidates for sponsorship.  Twenty children, five from each school, were identified and we gathered profile information and photos so that we could actively work to find sponsor families for these.photo2_1

Of the twenty children we selected to launch the sponsorship program, sixteen have already been sponsored.  How grateful we are for God’s provision as He uses His people.  One family chose a handicapped boy and when they heard the need for a wheelchair, responded immediately.  Last week when Ben and the medical team went to the village of Plain Mapou, little 6 year old Doubens was delighted to receive the snazzy new wheelchair supplied by his sponsor family.

It is a reminder that the need is overwhelming, but everyone can do something… In recent days we at HFL have taken the motto….”Doing nothing is NOT an option!”  That should be true of everyone as the great need in the world looms larger each day…but for the children of God it is a command.  Sitting on the sidelines watching pain and destruction cannot be our posture! photo

Our goal for the sponsorship program is that it will be not only serve to provide for children in great need in Haiti, but that those who make the commitment to “get involved” will receive an even greater blessing as they communicate with and become vitally involved in the lives of these little ones.

We will return to LaGonave in late September to gather more profiles for children for the sponsorship program and to bring back the latest news from the newly sponsored children to their sponsor families.  Pray for God’s blessings on this effort as our desire is to honor Him and Him alone.

Those interested in sponsorship may call our sponsorship office at 662-235-4464 or make request in the guestbook section of our website,

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