This trip was particularly special because I was able to have my pastor, Chris Miller and friend Greg Billingsley along. The people enjoyed meeting them and were encouraged by their interaction and warm greetings. As Dumerle, our school director put it, “the people can see that your pastor and friend care about us by how they act” Serving the people alongside these brothers was a blast for me. From hours of soccer & singing with orphans near Port au Prince, to handing out bags of food and smiles on LaGonave, seeing them interact during this, their first trip reminded me of Christ’s teaching the book of John where He reminds us that his people will bear fruit. We will be known by the fruit we bear. These men didn’t speak the language of Haiti and YET everyone knew they cared by the fruit they bore before their Haitian brothers and sisters.Haiti March 2010 284 Haiti March 2010 315 Haiti March 2010 268

As Haiti continues to struggle under the devastation of the earthquake, life is going on. With days turning into weeks and weeks to months, people walk around rubble that remains in the streets of Port au Prince. Bodies of loved ones rest among tons of concrete, and thousands brace themselves within “tent cities” as the rainy season approaches. TV footage and pictures can’t capture the weight of destruction that is downtown Port au Prince. Physically, Haiti lies in ruin, but even in times of despair we know and rest in understanding that God’s purposes continue. People who were once enslaved in serving false gods and voodoo are being saved. We praise God that so many who experienced the power of the one true God and creator literally shake this city to its foundation are now for the first time seeking Him.

Although we do not know what tomorrow holds, we DO know that God’s plan is perfect. We look forward in eager expectation of what he has in store for His people in Haiti. Thank you for your continued prayer and support. To God be the glory for great things he continues to do!

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