In March, a team of four went to LaGonave for leadership training and to do sponsorship work.

Training News: On Sunday, the team worshipped with the saints at Gran Lagon and Pastor Ben Rush preached from 1 Peter 1:22-2:3. Monday through Wednesday, he conducted a three-day leadership training with church leaders from all the schools gathered together at the Nan Kafe church. Church leaders from other locations as far away as the village of Terre Blanche asked to participate, as well. The training was on the right use of the Law, principally, where the negative command was explicitly stated, the positive command was implied. (i.e. Not only shall you not murder, but you will also uphold and preserve life.) The leaders had spirited discussions revolving around the application of Christian principle and Haitian culture. Please pray for solid reformed theological training curriculum in Creole. There is a constant need for quality curriculum for leaders and children in Creole.

School News: Madame Barbara checked in on the sponsorship children. There, much-loved letters and gifts from sponsor families were distributed to many of the children. At the Bwa Pin school, the garden was yielding eggplant, peppers and tomatoes! Cabbage, beans and corn are growing and will be ready soon. Praise the Lord for His blessing after the crop losses of Hurricane Matthew! The seventh, eighth and ninth graders at the Nan Kafe Middle School were blessed with new Bibles. The new Honda side-by-side vehicle, a generous and much needed gift from a donor, was such a blessing as the team was able to take some shortcuts up the mountain that were not accessible by truck. Being able to do this in a reliable vehicle shaves valuable time off of the difficult travel to the schools.





First Impressions:

One of the first time visitors to LaGonave was amazed at the beauty of Haiti, but disheartened to see the number of plastic bottles strewn along some of the beach areas. Lacking infrastructure, garbage in Haiti (including recyclable refuse) is tossed into the streets and vacant lots and much of it washes to the beaches. The new visitor had several constructive suggestions about uses for them, including using them in construction. On the second day of the

trip, the team rounded a bend in the road where a man was constructing a pretty and functional wall incorporating the plastic bottles. She encouraged him to spread the idea, hoping to see less trash and more innovative construction. She also issued a challenge to a souvenir vendor to make something beautiful from a plastic bottle and she would buy it. A very creative piece arrived at the guest house door the night before the team’s departure!



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