Each time I go to Haiti, I return exhausted but usually with some sense of accomplishment after visiting the schools and the children.  It is true that the schools are progressing and the children are learning and the food distributions have been a blessing to them.  In May when we visited, I was struck again by the thin children with the pale skin and hair.  These sure signs of malnutrition are common.  In conversation with Dumerle, our Haitian helper there, he reported that some of the children eat only once a day and are so lethargic they can’t participate in class.  While the food distributions to the families were a big help, the children were not eating consistently.

My heart was heavy when I returned.  Each time I prepared food for my family, I thought of those gaunt faces and skinny arms and legs.  I knew they would thrive on our leftovers.Food Distro 4 0625 IMG_717

For more than a year we had prayed for the funds to begin a feeding program in the schools.  We hoped to provide the food and some of the mothers would come and prepare the meals so that the children could be fed on sight.  The funds had not come and so we continued to pray.  One morning I was feeling particularly “down” about the whole situation.  As I prayed again for funds for food to be provided, I cried out to the Lord in total frustration…..”We do not have the means to do this..we know you will provide, and YOU need to do this..” but the feeling of hopelessness stayed with me.

About mid-morning the phone rang and I recognized Ben’s voice on the line.  He sounded “emotional” which frightened me.  I asked what was wrong and he told me that the President & CEO of his company  along with his wife and visited his office that morning and  handed him a sizable check.  They wanted it to be used to feed the children.  I was overwhelmed and tears of relief flowed freely.  Our God had, once again, provided.  He had used his people to do His work.  I felt so ashamed of my impertinent prayer, but the Lord had not faulted me just as He had not forgotten these little ones!  How grateful we are for partners who walk along with us in this effort.  Your faithfulness will no doubt be rewarded.

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