The objective during the July 12-21st trip to LaGonave was to give each student and his or her parents the opportunity to get medical care. It is important to understand what specific needs/illnesses our students have as we work to reflect the love of Christ as those gifted and called to the medical field. As always, the Lord provided the people needed to help! My sister in law, Tina Huddleston who is a school nurse in Springdale as well as Dr. John Furlow, who specializes in Internal Medicine for the Fayetteville Diagnostic Clinic in Fayetteville, AR were the primary care duo along for the trip. In addition, we had Alan Huddleston, Tina’s husband, who is a Captain and paramedic within the Springdale Fire Department and their son Craig, a Harbor High School student who worked alongside his dad in the mobile pharmacy.

This 4 man medical team saw over 500 people in the 3 days of clinic and distributed over $2,000 worth of vitamins and de-worming medicines to each family. I am so thankful to report that we are seeing the Lord bless these efforts as consistent nutrition is indeed making the kids more healthy. To God be the Glory!

As the medical team worked to treat each patient with immediate need and distribute worming meds & vitamins, I worked with Dumerle on Child Sponsorship. We collected thank you letters and pictures from the children for their sponsors and explained the details of the program to their parent or guardian. What a joy it was to give them such hope in knowing someone selected them and is praying for them as well as providing the costs to be enrolled within our schools!  Needless to say, they were thrilled to get this news of God’s provision.

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