How often we see the storm clouds begin to form and find ourselves shrinking back in fear? As the lightning flashes, rain increases, and wind speeds pick up, I all too often focus on the tempest itself rather than the One who creates and guides it our way. Our prayer is that as you read this update you are encouraged in what God continues to do in this, His ministry in LaGonave.

Two members of our U.S. board of Directors recently returned from a productive meeting with HFL school Directors on the island. Their aim was detailed discussion of our newly formed Mission and Vision Statements to ensure we remain aligned, focused, and committed to investing in the hearts and minds of our students.

Mission statement: To provide solid, Biblical education for the purpose of producing Biblically solid Christians.

Vision statement: Preparing the youth of LaGonave to become responsible, contributing citizens and leaders who are guided by the truth of God.

Each Director was in wholehearted agreement and appreciative of the opportunities they have to lead their village schools into the new school year.

During their time on island they also visited the new construction of a 10th grade classroom in Nan Café, which is now complete and being used to teach 15 students. We are so thankful for the opportunity to provide both the funding for construction like this, as well as providing jobs for our now 54 total Haitian staff members who have been selected to help carry out this ministry to their island.

Please pray with us as Hurricane Irma now passes through the northern part of the mainland. That as the winds subside, families rebuild, and schools resume that they again will look forward to a new dawn, a new beginning, with hope.

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