Amazing story regarding how we were able to locate Bibles translated into Creole: This particular project covers funding for 150 Bibles and was $850.


BibleNot too long ago we were out with some friends and the topic of Haiti came up. We were discussing the schools on La Gonave and our goal of getting Bibles to the children in the school. The gentleman that was with us, began to question me closely. He did not understand why getting Bibles was so complicated. I tried to explain the printers had stopped printing the Bibles so that they could work on a project for Africa. He encouraged me to check on the Bibles again to see if there was anything we could do to move the printing along. He asked me to report back the next day. Well the next day came, it was Dec. 23rd. As a mother of five, I was very busy getting ready for the holidays and a trip out of town, checking on Bibles did not cross my mind until 2:00 p.m.. Almost panicked, I got my phone, looked up the number online, and called. Being very distracted by chores, I was not paying attention to the fact that I was going through the answering service system over and over to no avail, hearing the same message repeatedly, when finally someone answered. I explained that I was trying to find out about Creole Bibles and that I had been under the impression that they were not being printed. The man on the other end of the phone explained that he was the translator for the Creole Bibles and that he had just returned from Haiti. What providence! He had run by the office to pick up something that he forgot and heard the phone ringing and ringing. He said that the office was closed for the holidays, but he answered the phone because he thought “Someone really wants to talk to us”. God had ordered all these events so that we could find out the necessary information about the Bibles for purchasing. So here we are… we have the money to buy the Bibles (God provided!) and they will be purchased when family members go to Haiti in the end of January. God provided the instigation I needed at the right time, the right person to talk to, the funds, and the Bibles. We are so excited about getting the words of life into the hands of the children in the schools. There are so many examples of God’s intervention and provision for these little ones on La Gonave. We are rejoicing in His provisions.

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