Got Your Back

I was praying and meditating this morning on the manifold blessings of the church body. How we as Christians walk this sojourn by the power of God along with his chosen people. We are never alone. Above all, we know that our God, “…will never leave us or forsake us”. He carries us even when we cannot carry ourselves. Often times the shape His arms take is the body of Christ in the church. A brother or sister in the Lord, who steps beside us, puts their arm around us, and shares the burden with us. I have been so very blessed to have known such fellowship and to know that people are praying for me. It is a comfort to know that someone has my back. And that is what we are trying to do for the people on La Gonave. No, we cannot make all their troubles go away, and no, we do not have the resources to meet all their needs, but we are trying to stand in the gap for them in education and the raising of children to God’s glory. We want to offer more and if the Lord is willing we will do more to encourage these suffering saints. As God’s word reminds us, “We urge you brothers… encourage the fainthearted, be patient with all…”. (1 Thess.5:14)We are also told to “encourage one another and build each other up”.(1 Thess. 5:11) In another verse, God’s word tells us to, “Encourage one another all the more as we see the day of Christ approaching…”. (Hebrews 10:25) As fellow believers in Christ, we have the great opportunity to share the manifold blessings we have received, to encourage and to support our Haitian brethren. We come to them and say, ‘We got your back”. Aren’t you glad that we have the reassurance that others have our backs and that ultimately Christ is the perfect fulfillment. Let us pray for the work in Haiti, let us support with our gifts, and hope for a great harvest of souls for the Lord. Sola Deo Gloria!

Shannon Baugh Onnink is the widow of Matt Baugh.  She and her family remain involved in the ongoing work with the schools of La Gonave which was the vision of her missionary husband.  Shannon knows what it means for the Body of Christ to work to benefit and bless its members since she and her five children have been so blessed.  Her concern extends to our brothers and sisters in Christ on the island of La Gonave.

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