As everyone is aware by now conditions in Haiti are desperate in wake of the earthquake on Jan 12th. Our January trip has obviously been postponed due to ongoing medical aid/relief efforts underway via the military and humanitarian aid organizations. We praise God for His protection on the 46 member Mission to Haiti team that was evacuated after providing such needed care until their supplies ran out. God was able to use their talents in great ways while there. His timing for their availability to the Haitian people in their hours of greatest need is truly amazing.Earthquakelarge

Relief efforts are on going, your prayers and support are greatly appreciated.

 We are now gathering information and awaiting the next opportunity to get on the ground to check the status of all the children and teachers in each of the 4 villages where we have schools. We have received email communication with our school director Dumerle St Jean, who reported that the damage on the island is bad but apparently not as bad as what Port au Prince experienced. The concern at this time is the connection of supplies to the island as as Port au Prince is the source of the majority of their fuel and food supply.

Continue to pray for the Haitian people at this time. We are committed to helping and look forward to being a part of the rebuilding process. Your financial and prayer support is much needed and appreciated at this time. We remain thankful for God’s continued protection of his people as his plans unfold in sustaining  this work. We will give periodic updates as information becomes available.

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