Children finally receive the newly translated Catechism Booklets

Dear LaGonave School Sponsors:

Attached are some snapshots of the school children with the catechism booklets that we were able to get printed and shipped via the help of a Wisconsin Presbyterian construction team. How cool, or should I say providential it is that the man chosen to transport these great teaching tools is most likely soon to be Shannon’s husband!

Well, the school year is winding down and things from a sponsorship side have gone well in 2008. Thanks to your partnership in ministry by sponsoring the teacher salaries, our family has been able to focus on the administration side of things….Some praises to share…

Pictureschools OPC 037_1

1)    Praise for hiring our right hand man on the island. His role is primarily communication. He is in each school a minimum of 1 time per month and serves to be our eyes and ears. He is a deacon in one of the local churches and has proven to be a strong leader. As you can imagine his role will continue to evolve as we move forward.

2)    Praise for God’s providing an extremely reasonably priced used laptop computer through the Premier family for our local help. This is a huge blessing in area of efficiency for him. We will still have challenges as internet connection on the island is limited, but this computer is a BIG step forward in both communication AND encouragement to our team on the island.

3)   Praise for the near completion of the “guest house” which will serve as a place where the local church leaders will receive biblical teaching and training in their role in ministry to the churches on the island.

Bwa Pen Catecism booklets distributed 3 0508 Bwa Pen Catecism booklets distributed 0508

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