March Leadership Training Team

In March, a team of four went to LaGonave for leadership training and to do sponsorship work. Training News: On Sunday, the team worshipped with the saints at Gran Lagon and Pastor Ben Rush preached from 1 Peter 1:22-2:3. Monday through Wednesday, he conducted a...

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2016 Teacher Training

In August, The Hope for LaGonave teachers joined together in Anse a Galét along with two local school inspectors, our director, and teachers from another village school for three days of training. It was a delight for me to see all the wonderful ways our teachers have...

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Please Pray For Us

Please pray for travel mercies as our team travels to Haiti today. Objectives of this trip are: child sponsorship including shoe and vitamin distribution, agriculture, and completion of a cistern at LaPye.

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December medical clinic

Please pray for the upcoming medical clinic.  In December, several medical volunteers from HFL will go to LaGonave to conduct clinics.  God continues to bless us with talent and resources to have the privilege of treating those in need.  During these clinics, we...

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