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My November trip to Haiti was the sixth time I had been there in the last eight years but the first time to the little island of La Gonave.  As always, I am out of my comfort zone when I go but the Lord keeps leading me back!   I took this trip with two friends from Savannah, GA and we joined Barbara.

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Freeman and her son Ben Baugh.  They were wonderful guides as they spoke Kreyol and allowed us to meet and interact with their friends of many years.  I have always said that those who go on a mission trip come back more blessed than what they give.  It’s wonderful to see someone with a heart change come back and be pro-active about serving in their own community!  Instead of compartmentalizing my experiences from this trip they just multiplied daily!  I had truly had a heart change and fell in love with the people of Haiti in a new way!  I got to work with the children on the sponsorship program.  Whereas I had to use a translator this time to do the children’s profiles, with my new Kreyol language cd’s I look forward to the day that I won’t need one!  I have a long way to go but God is the giver of all wisdom and I certainly am praying for understanding!  It was a joy to take gifts to my sponsored children and to see their faces now as I pray for them.  When the Lord lays it on your heart to go where He would have you to serve, then He paves the way!  I have been flooded with creative ideas to help this ministry grow and am overjoyed to have found a family with a passion for the children of Haiti!  Knowing that every dollar that is given to this ministry goes to the children and the projects that serve them has made me bolder to share this vision with friends and others.  Haiti needs so much help and in this tiny way I can make a contribution that is truly giving unto the Lord.  I would be happy to ever answer any questions from a “newbie’s” perspective and give encouragement to someone hesitant to take that first trip to Haiti.

In Christ,

Joan Kornblatt

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