As our team of seven set out on May 13th, we had several diverse tasks to accomplish.  In our devotion time, the first night at Kaliko we embraced the overall goal of  “making much of Christ” in all that set out to do.  Our collective intent was that all would flow from this wellspring … bringing glory to our Lord Jesus.

Dr. Troy Kerber from First Presbyterian Church of Dyersburg, TN did dental work on about 100 of our school children and their families as well as some of the local residents at Anse a Galet.  Most of these children had never come down from the mountains to the port town and few, if any, had seen a dentist.  It was such a blessing to watch Dr. Troy pray with them before clinic and then be able to not only extract problem teeth, but do fillings and fluoride treatments along with lessons in dental hygiene.

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Barbara Freeman, Susan Bentley and Joan Kornblatt delivered gifts and gathered information from sponsored children so that we can communicate their progress to their sponsor families.  Joan, who was our designated photographer for this trip, had also compiled beautiful picture posters for each school to the great delight of the children.  They almost never see photographs of themselves.

Tim Pesole, a student at Purdue University joined our team just one week before we departed.  Tim’s family sponsors two children in the schools and they were both very excited to meet a member of their sponsor family.  Tim was a great help with the vitamin distribution as well as inventory in the dental clinic.

Ben Baugh and Allan Huddleston were excited to launch the Moringa Tree project with the planting of Moringa seeds at each school.  The Moringa is a rapidly growing tree which has incredible health and nutritional benefits.  We will be planting trees at each school location and educating the local population how best to use the leaves and bark.   The excessively dry conditions prevented the planting on this trip but instructions for planting were given to church leaders at each location.  We will be checking on this project in August.

Kreyol Bibles were distributed to students along with ‘Kesyon Lafwa Yo’ booklets which is the Kreyol translation of the Children’s catechism

We are thankful for all that was accomplished on this trip. To those who take the time and bear the expense to come along on this journey and to those who support and pray for us and to our Heavenly Father who sustains us as we go, thank you.

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